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Elk river

Elk River Idaho, See the distruction


The town of Elk River, USA had readied for the invasion. With several extra cases of beer and favorite locations cherry picked. Now all that needed to happen was a patient waiting game. Since Elk River has been patiently waiting for several decades this didn't appear to be an issue for anyone in Elk River. With most of the town residents past the prime of life and those that weren't just didn't care. Actually drinking and waiting is about the only thing to do in Elk River. Well you could fish but the fish are so small it is hardly worth the wasted worm. Some of the residents slowly ate fresh huckleberry ice cream, while others slept on their porches. It wouldn't be long now said one 90 year old member of Elk River. Hope not said the other one, I need that damn health insurance those Brits have. The other smiled a toothless grin not hearing a word the old codger had said. Should we put up the flag asked one resident on my visit? No, not until they come, remember they promised an invasion.

Elk River without a town police force, and relying on the county police which are several hours away and my not respond to Elk River because as the Sheriff said, who the hell wants that place. The road that connected the County Sheriff was washed out last winter and has yet to be repaired because the county workers stated that it was just not a priority at this time. While every member of the town owns several guns, it is unlikely the town would waste bullets on an invasion, instead saving them for hunting season. When I interviewed one old timer he stated, "hell if the Brits want it, we will give it to 'em(referring to the town). We just want some Health Care, cause I have an itch.." this is where I stopped the interview and walked away because I did not want to see where this resident had an itch and my guess is that no doctor would either.

As I left Elk River, residents had not given up hope as one old timer had said, "well it isn't like we haven't been sitting around waiting for decades anyways, oh and could you toss me a beer before you go."

Yes Buglers they are waiting, all 150 are waiting, mostly at home or in the bar, on the floor, in the bathroom, but they are waiting. While I only live a short 2 hours from Elk River, I lamented the fact I had ever come, now it was another 2 hour drive to get away from this place.