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It’s called Upside Down Sex.

Daniel is a successful banker on Wall St. He left his tormented history behind and his half-breed status as a half-vampire half-underwear model is all in his past. Everything is going Daniel’s way except for one small problem: his insatiable bloodlust and a mysterious half-woman half-octopus who crashed though his ceiling and is turning his life and his heart upside down—ok, that’s two problems.

Daniel’s comfortable assumptions will be shattered by their passionate connection and he’ll have to confront his heritage. How will he reconcile the half of him that’s an underwear model with the rise and fall of the stock market and how will he win the heart of a woman slash octopus with a mind of her own?

Is she too clingy?

How did she get on the ceiling?

Why can’t he stop thinking about her when he’s trading on the stock market floor?

Daniel must decide whether to continue with his comfortable financial trading life or if he’s willing to trade his future for a future with her. A pulsating tale from the author who brought you The Lust Train and The Woolworth’s Catalogue.

Coming soon to all airport bookshops and park benches near you.