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Training for Passion[]

Training for Passion is the next in LaGuarde’s critically-bemused Victorian romance thriller series with a supernatural twist.  

Lachlan is the bastard son of a duke recently back from the subcontinental colonies and disillusioned with the life of the British aristocracy.  

He spends his days navigating railway investments in London’s coal smoke-clogged streets and his nights playing cards with the notorious Hellfire Club while spying on his fellow nobles for the crown.  

Balancing his responsibilities as an espionage agent with his job as a railway investor, Lachlan’s secret job hides a dark secret. During his time in the colonies he was bitten by an infected mosquito and now he’s half-vampire half-malaria-victim. He’s sworn to avoid a loveless marriage like the one his father had but he does need a gin and tonic.  

Reginalda is an American heiress visiting London to check on her family’s investments. She sticks out like a sore thumb because she’s too sassy for England’s refined upper class, and she scandalises the whole haute ton with her sassy American-ness and her creamy breasts. The last thing she wants is a man to check her restless ways but when she’s taken hostage by the sinister Hellfire Club during a scandalous game of cards, she swears she’ll marry the first man to rescue her.  

Enraged by her creamy breasts, Lachlan has had it up to his impeccably tied cravat with the infuriating heiress and ragefully saves from his criminal frenemies. Driven into a hasty marriage by her reckless vow and damaged reputation, Lachlan and Reginalda must negotiate their newly married state, unmask the ancient Hellfire Club members, and negotiate a railway contract... while also having sex. 

The Times called Training for Passion " extremely aggressive depiction of Victorian railway contracts." And The Guardian called it "A last stop on the road to literary legitimacy for LaGuarde."

Available now in all airport bookstores and under your chair in a live television gameshow.