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Named for the future Bugle producer in the early twentieth century. Tomball has since become a source of imminence pride and worship for the Democratic American Bugle Half-Empire (or the DABHE or Dabie). Until current President Olliver's term in office (which was only made possible by the Great Eternal Emperor ZaltZman I changed both the Bugle Constitution via the execution of the three thousandth article (or the "Because I Say So" clause) allowed any Loyal And Demonstrative Servants of the Empire to ascend to the highest levels of DABHE shadow government) The previous five leaders hailed from or gained their first shadow governance experience in Tomball.


Despite containing Manny leaders of the DAHBE the city has a woeful lack of historical hotties.


Current attractions include the Statue of Tom, yet as none of us have ever seen the great editor it is a statue of a soundboard that is twenty meters long and six meters tall named Tom. The DHABE Mt. Boisterous containing the all ot the leaders of the DHABE who owed their immense power to the city which has become a national landmark by order of Shadow President Olliver.

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