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D’Ancey LaGuarde’s Three’s a Crowd is the first in LaGuarde’s new series of post-apocalyptic romantic fiction with a supernatural twist.

A post-apocalyptic wasteland torn by an age-long war. A woman torn between two men. She can’t have them both. Or can she?

College is a hard-bitten apocalypse scientist, immune to zombies and living in a cave near to [sic] a human settlement above the ruins of what used to be New San Francisco. Life is just fine. She’s got an anti-werewolf defence fence and a ghoul-evaporating gun. She’s built a secure refuge, living on canned food and VHS tapes. But the arrival of two handsome scavengers turns her world upside down.

Jace Both(?) is an Ivy League college professor-cum-marine [Alice says this three times before she moves on the next bit], hellbent on avenging the death of his wife. Duncan Chen is an ex-police psychoanalyst and half-werewolf who’s lost everything: his pack, his home, and his mind. He’s only alive after Jace rescues him from a waterfall and now he’s bonded to the marine. Duncan needs Jace for his sanity and in return he protects Jace from his dangerously chivalrous instincts.

College reluctantly opens her home to these two dangerous men just before the monsoon blizzards shut them in for a three-month season of isolation. And soon passion simmers in every corner of the cave and the cave is a polyhedron [Alice giggling] so that’s a lot of passion. Within the blizzard-bound security of their hidden cave, sharing resources equally, College’s attraction to both Jace and Duncan simmers in sexy dreams and in increasingly explicit Jungian campfire stories until eventually a shower accident sees her falling into Jace’s thoughtful yet muscular arms. But Duncan is suffering, with his visions that can only be cured by tenderness and their mutually-repressed attractions explode into their first extremely logistical sex scene. As things between the threesome heat up, College finds herself falling for these two opposite men.

Can the men work past their differences to love her? Or would the need to protect her and the fact that one of them is a werewolf drive her away from them and into something much more dangerous—the monsoon blizzard that no one has never survived before but that she stomps out into after a three-way fight about who has to wash up the VHS tapes after dinner?

Find out what happens next in Three’s a Crowd. Available in all good post-apocalyptic romance fiction bookstores.

Alice: You gonna buy that James?

James: Yeah. I mean it reminds me of a film I once saw with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson—oh actually no. I’m wrong. I was gonna say Stone Cold Steve Austin but actually it’s Jason Momoa and Jason Statham—they’re very interchangeable, I apologise, Alice.