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Eleventh in the Guys From the Sky science-fiction romance thriller alien vampire soul-bond series, They Came From Above is a groundbreaking space-thumping hump fest set 60 million kilometres from home.

Bevlon is a reckless alien navigator from the fascistic warrior vampire planet Glabius 5, on the run from a ruthless Galactic Government. Fifty years ago he exposed a secret Glabian plot to betray their own galactic troops and has been on the run ever since. He roams the universe selling his sword and then buying it back again [Alice giggles] with money he gets from other jobs and from seducing powerful women for their secrets. When he crash lands on Terra 3, an Earth colony, he meets Max, an innocent farmstress, uneducated in the ways of the seductive alien vampire race. Max isn’t even sure she believes in sexy alien vampires but this one has just landed on her porch. He offers to pay for his bed and board with his sword but she needs a farmhand and while she might fantasise about this particular farmhand’s firm hand, she gets a firm grip on herself and the fact that she’s been dreaming all her life about the sexy alien vampire warrior who saved her father from a Government plot back in the 4060s.

Is Bevlon the man she’s been dreaming of? The answer is yes but find out how, as Bevlon has the answers she craves and he can help her find the lost treasure of her family. Together they enter the seedy world of slave auctions, battle a powerful alien queen whose diseased blood turns humans into cannibals, and discover a passion unlike any other.

That’s They Came From Above, available in every good bookshop.