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The greatest email ever sent originally aired on The Bugle Issue #24 [19:02] and runs as follows:


Sent: 07 April 2008 19:20

To: The Bugle

Subject: Giggle Toffs

Oily and Schmaltz;

Just what do you think you are doing? Are you humorists, or is attempted humorical behavior?

1st law of clowns; embody fundamental truths in your satire. Embittered deconstrucitve bile, as spoon fed by failing socialist scruds at NYT and its UK clones, is only momentarily amusing, and that only in brief spots when truth is accidentally encountered. Then shame and embarrassment set in. It is also repetitive and boring.

Wow, what a disappointment. I heard your WEBcast #22 and thought it had promise, but on reviewing past episodes I see you are cranky, muddled hate-as-satire business as usual. Your USA audience, the ever shrinking NYT crowd and nearly extinct Radio America snarks, may be enough to keep you in beverages at the local NYC political circle jerks. But what about returning home to UK? Do they have satire under sharia law?

Let me get this straight - you actually have some kind of Potty Prince or Dismal Duke or something who cross dresses as an Bedouin caftan flapper?

Is that where jihadists keep their satire, under their skirts? What's the latest beheading joke out of East End?

I do find humor in the behaviors of typical Euro cretins who, after wrecking their own nations and participating in mass cultural suicide, suddenly emigrate to USA for shelter but seem to want to continue the spread of their mentally debilitating disease. I suppose if you ask a cretin, he don't know he are one.

Wouldn't you rather grow up to be real philosopher comedians rather than remain bum dwelling trouser fleas? The socialist hate-cheese is rich in protien but lacks essential brain building vitamins. That kind of leftist mental death is a sorry road. Next you'll be arrested looting shops or scrawling graffiti on train sheds during imagined Bilderberg conferences.

Now stop it and be good boys. Try funny.



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