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The Wicked Wastrel, third in LaGuarde’s Harrowed Heroes series of Regency romance thrillers with a supernatural twist.  

Dominic is a scandalous peer of the Realm. Wealthy, titled, and dangerous, he can have any woman he wants and he’s bored of dodging matchmaking Mamas. Until one night when his carriage breaks down on the side of the road and he is helped by a passing governess, traveling alone to a family estate in Kent.  

Elizabeth is an impoverished and orphaned daughter of a duke, making ends meet in a genteel occupation of governess though she finds it difficult to be hired because she’s too sexy. [Tiff chuckles] Elizabeth knows how to protect her reputation and isn’t usually the type to court danger, but when she sees the muscular baron waiting by the side of the road she impulsively rescues him and his muscled thighs.  

But then her carriage breaks down and they must spend the night unchaperoned. The two of them insist Dominic was the soul of propriety but society knows only that she spent the night in his arms and honour demands they wed. Dominic proposes a sexless marriage because he hated his father and fears perpetuating a cycle of aristocracy, but how can he resist the luscious auburn locks and creamy breasts of an innocent new wife, especially when she keeps having nightmares that mean he has to manfully hold her until dawn while ignoring the potent erection that reveals his longing.  

She doesn’t know what an erection is but she’ll soon find out. [Tiff: Oh god!] Elizabeth may be an orphaned governess but it doesn’t mean that she’s a slag, even though when she sees her handsome new husband she feels throbbings in places she never knew could throb! But he said he doesn’t want to bed her and she doesn’t know about erections yet. Can she reveal her family curse, the thing that’s giving her nightmares, the curse of being half-sexy-lady half-kleptomaniac? Or will Dominic only find out when she accidentally steals his heart?  

Together, they must reveal their deepest insecurities and solve a rash of robberies while also not having sex in a number of very intensely sexy ways that will inevitably lead to them having sex. 

The Guardian described The Wicked Wastrel as "...a surprising amount of fingering." 

And The Times called it "...moist..." 

The Wicked Wastrel, under your seat in cinemas now.