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And a new novel is out from D'Ancy LaGuarde, the best-selling self-published supernatural romance maven who turns out a pulse-throbbing classic every four to five days.

This one is a must-not-miss. It's called "The Vampire Next Door".

Feisty flame-head virgin HR manager Rowina has a new, hot neighbor who seems too good to be true, a man who makes her feel extremely physically aroused every time she sees him, and seems to spend a lot of time staring at her hotly through the curtains at night. He's breaking into her reserve to invade her dreams.

But DeForest Tycheon is even more than he seems. A half-vampire half-leprechaun detective, he's a sort of man with a very plan. First he has to find the evil renegade wizard he's tracked to Fayetteville, Arkansas, and second, he needs to claim the woman next door as his own, he can feel in his leprechaun blood that she is fated to be his pot of gold. Until the wizard turns the table and suddenly Rowina is in danger.

Now DeForest knows that he cannot wait any longer to claim his heart and soul burn for, he has to tell her who he is, what he wants, what he is, and that she has to bang him if she wants to live. Rowina will have to accept him on his terms and without a proper interview process, her life, and her HR career, depends on it.

"The Vampire Next Door" is already getting rave reviews, so make sure you make it part of your shameful Kindle reading on your next commute.

"The Vampire Next Door" by D'Ancy LaGuarde, available only online, to be downloaded in all good news agents and bad book shops.