The University of East Anglia (otherwise known as The University of fucking East fucking Anglia) is one of the more notable universities in England most notable for its reporting into the fact that swearing more makes you feel like the Queen of Sheba on a quad bike.

'Swearing and Morale in the Work Place' reported that swearing was one of the predominant features into what helped England win the fucking war. England, it suggested, swore much fucking more than the fucking Germans which went on to raise the morale of the troops. England was, in a very real way, based on the fuck and the cunt.

Reception to the report called it a "fucking interesting report" whilst modern academics were split between the camps of it being a "fucking good report" whilst it's detractors called it a "fucking sack of fucking shit." Many of it's more passionate proponents suggested that the fucking government get of their lazy fucking arses and bring in a compulsory five minute swearing break within the working day. Not swearing, they suggested, was costing the British economy in the region of thirty-eight billion fucking pounds a year.