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The Sounds of Bullshit[]

"The Sounds of Bullshit" is a popular if not well known soft-rock album released by John Oliver(lead vocals and mandolin) and Andy Zaltzman( Keyboard and harp) on February 30, 1999 while members of a band known as "The Bugle". It was met with good reviews from critics, and The New York Times called it "The defining album of a generation"; sadly this issue of the New York Times was never delivered due to a Mailman strike. Some believe if you play the CD backwards it will reveal the answer to a Cryptic Crossword, this is of course nonsense, if played backwards it will broadcast the voice of Lucifer himself. In 2002 the album went triple platinum. The CD was at one point so highly valued it replaced all major forms of currency in the world and started an under-publicized war in Canada. "The Bugle" sadly split up in 2007 without having released a new album, citing "artistic similarities".



1. Ballad of The Bugle

2. Chavez (Zappin' Dem Clouds)

3. Just Wanna go With the Flo

4. Snooker in the Meadow Feat. Jay-Z

5. Burn Economy Burn

6. Crazy for Cryptic Crosswords

7. Hotties from History Feat. Flo Rider

8. Cricket with my Lover (Crickinfo version)

9. Bad Jew

10. Shoot my Leg (Plaxico Burris)

11. Give Bush a Push (off a cliff) Feat. The American

12. Another Baby? (Don't F**kin' Drop Dat Shit)

13. Overrunning on the Bugle (Feat. Tom the Rapping Producer)

14. (Hidden Track) Not Doing the Blog

15. (Hidden Track) Penis shaped Penis (Dirty version)

Platinum Edition Bonus Tracks[]

1. We Made Platinum Bitches

2. Have You Worthless Shits Made Platinum?

3. PLATINUM! Word up, ya'll. Dolla dolla bill Yo.

4. Ode to Mr Platinum D.Pants

Fuck you Chris