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As of the most recent Bugle, Tom has treacherously betrayed the Bugle like a traitor of the worst kind. Truly, Australia has claimed his soul and, like all traitors, Tom is doomed to the darkest corner of Hell for eternity. (That's why you don't leave the Bugle, Tom!)

The New Tom

The New Tom

And so he is revealed[]

The New Tom, despicably called "Chris," will and has completely failed as producer in many respects, mainly in the subjects of being Scottish, not being torn from his idealism as Tom has been (though the jury is still out on this one), and not being named Tom. Who the hell do his parents think they are, not naming this future producer of the Bugle something that is not Tom, Thomas, and in fact, something that does not even start with a 'T'? Chris? Chris-t-he-could-use-a-more-Scottish-name more like! And how dare they pop out this bane of humanity in somewhere that is not the rugged, penguin and Highlander filled hills of Scottsland?

It is also known that he is a rare flamboyant member of the BNP, and that he, like his predecessor, does not ski. Which brings forth a whole new round of offended indignation at his pitiful attempt to replace Tom by admitting he does not partake in sliding down snowy slopes with two planks of wood attatched to his feet.

Who will replace the void?[]

Can anyone truly replace the magnificence that was Tom? Short answer: No. Longer answer: Hell to the no!

No one can attempt and fail to attempt to get Andy to update the blog quite like Tom could.

The Bugle's Next Top Editor 2010[]

Get your votes in early and often. Vote twice if you feel compelled to (the ink washes right off). Although the Bugle has already named "Chris" to fill the Producer position, the likelihood of him lasting more than a few months seems unlikely, so don't let that stop you.

Fuck you Chris