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First in a series of new supernatural romance thrillers marketed directly to the mysterious Octopus tribes people of New New Zealand. The Mantle of the Deep is a story of love, passion, secrets, and octopus sex.

<Gargling Noise> is seeking redemption after being cast out by his father King <Wave Noise> of the Western Reachers. Half-octopus prince half-vampire-fish, he wanders the cold currents of the border of the Marianas Darklands, the trench that Titan walled off so many centuries ago to keep demon fish emerging from the depths. His mighty tentacles and tanned mantle hide a wounded heart.

<Dripping/Pouring? Noise> is an orphaned Megaleledonidae octopus, feeding her three thousand sisters by hunting in the forbidden border lands by the dark Marianas Trench. Her lean hunger and scrappy temper hide a passionate beauty, a strain of magic waiting to be awakened and a creamy breast. When Prince <Gargling Noise> falls victim of an evil trench magician, only <Dripping/Pouring? Noise> volunteers to rescue him and the moment they meet a passion rises between them that cannot be denied. But Prince <Gargling Noise> cannot bring himself to disclose his dark secret. His vampire-fish heritage means he longs for fish-blood and once he mates, it will be for life.

Will King <Wave Noise> accept his disgraced son back to the onshore Octopus people tribe? Can their tentacles entwine forever or will they be ripped apart by the cold currents of the heartless ocean? Will the evil trench magician seek his revenge? The answer is yes but the question is how.

The Guardian called The Mantle of the Deep, "...the most educational discussion of octopus reproduction since Legs Beneath the Waves."

The Times condemned it for graphic descriptions in the scene where Prince <Gargling Noise> uses his especially-adapted tentacle to deliver a bundle of sperm directly into <Dripping/Pouring? Noise>’s mantle cavity while they also have normal human sex.

The Mantle of the Deep available now on all high tides.

Alice: You gonna buy that book, Andy?

Andrew: Uh, buy it, I’ve bought the film rights.