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And a new novel is out by self-published romance author and online best-seller D'Ancey LaGuarde. The Mannerly Match is the 15th in LaGuarde’s time-traveling romance series with a supernatural twist. Set in the Regency period of England, The Mannerly Match will set light to your loins with its sexy sex scenes and romantic sex scenes.

Grace is the lord of manners and of the manner. An impeccably polite Duke with a dark past, he’s the catch of the marriage mart but is ever elusive against the scheming mammas of the haute ton who fling their frippery daughters at his slippery head in the worst game of dodgeball ever.

You can only politely replace a loose bosom in its corset so many times before you’re caught in the web of matrimony, and Grace decides at last to wed. But whom? He retreats to his country manner to decide, but when he’s held up by a ruffianly band of highwaymen, he can’t help but be intrigued by the lady highwayman who roughs him up. Her strongly uncalloused hands bespeak a life among the aristocracy but she’s got a filthy, filthy mouth and Grace thrills to her masterful mystery.

Agnes is a woman out of time. She was a graphic designer living in Kent until she began to research her family history, and upon reading an illustrated almanac, was flung into history by a glitch in the space-time continuum.

Falling in with a band of ruffians, she’s making her way with highwaymannery, forever seeking a man whose sexy face she saw in her history book, and also his bottom. When she holds him up on the road, she realizes that he is the man who is fated to be her eternal love and also her great-great grandfather.

After a soothing hand job on horseback, he’s intrigued by her soft hands and her dirty mouth. She longs to become her own great-great grandmother, but can they? Or will their love tear time and space apart? Find out when they have sex. In The Mannerly Match, available now in all discount bookstores and train-station waiting rooms.