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Resistance is Futile

It was assumed after the nearly universal apathy towards the film The Love Guru that no one in their right mind would continue the title.. and in this case they were all wrong. In the summer of 2009 Tommy Lee Jones revealed in an interview with the Cincinati Tribune that he had been approached by an agent of the supreme leader of North Korean, Kim Jong-il, about producing and staring in the musical version of the film that started, and ended, John Oliver's film career. He claims to have denied the position, but it seems that Kim went ahead with the musical extravagensa anyway, and a the soundtrack has since reached number 2 on the music charts in the Mediterranean island of Malta.

In an interview with the star, expatriate Hungarian football coach Pál Csernai, he claimed the plot was actually written in Adolf Hitler's final hours.

Additionally the musical has attracted criticism for casting. There are a number of high profile performers for The Love Guru: The Musical including the cloned body of Hitler, the head of Florence Nightingale (which has been masterfully stitched onto Jessica Alba's body), and Hugo Chavez. Lesser know performers include John Oliver, Andy Zaltzman and Storm Trooper #5.

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