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The Lost Duke is a graphic novelette that explores the crossover between steamy romance and children’s entertainment books.

The duke is wearing buckskin breeches and glossy boots, a high neck cravat tied in the mathematical style, and his hair is impeccably beautiful. Find him in a series of complex era specific pictures so that he can return to his ancestral estates and save the tormented Lady Cassandra from her day job as an impoverished relation bringing knitting to her merciless cousin Lady Frumplespy.

Pursue the duke through a series of ballrooms, gambling dens, gentleman’s clubs, and horse races so he can look past Lady Cassandra’s apparent lack of status to the super hot noblewoman within.

Where is he in this complicated picture? Is he top lefthand corner behind that stylish barouche? No, that’s his rival the charming but roguish Viscount Slatterly. Can’t you see that coat of arms, duh!

Is he at the bottom left topping that wench in a house of ill-repute? Of course not! That’s Lady Cassandra’s wastrel brother Hugo, the very reason she’s been forced below her station into the demeaning but acceptably genteel position of Lady’s companion. Better get your shit together, Hugo, before Cassandra is forced to accept Viscount Slatterly’s cynical offer of a loveless marriage.

Is that the Duke?

Buy D’Ancey LaGuarde’s The Lost Duke and find out. Available in all children’s and adult bookstores.