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The Lord and His Man is the 43rd in LaGuarde’s Manly Men and the Men who Love Them series of historical homoerotic detective romance thrillers with a supernatural twist.

Lance is a lord negotiating the heterosexual pressures of Regency marriage mart with the help of his plucky valet, Blade, a muscular man of lowly birth and mighty thews, whom Lance impulsively hired when Blade highwaymanned him in the moors once stormy night. As Blade lavishes tender attention on the arrangement of his master’s cravat each day, their eyes meet lingeringly but both are held back by the fear that their love is not reciprocated. Both must constantly adjust their uncomfortable erections [Alice giggles, Christopher chuckles] that each attributes to various buxom women in a comedy of errors and throbbing lust.

It’s not until Blade’s dark past returns to haunt him in the form of the helpful ghost of an ex-highwayman ex-lover while he’s helping Lord Lance bathe his creamy pecs in an anachronistic bath scene, that Lance realises that he has a chance with the gentle beefcake valet who just fainted onto his erection [Alice giggles, Christopher chuckles] and also... that Blade has magical powers. But he must solve the crimes of which Blade is accused before his heart’s desire is hanged for highwaymannery.

And what about Lord Pranceling [Alice barely got that bit out], the sinister dandy who threatens to ruin Lord Lance’s reputation unless he promises to spend the night at Pranceling Manor, known for its depravities? Lord Lance has no option but to accede to sinister Pranceling’s outrageous demands and slips out at night to the evil revelry.

There, the masked perverts of the Hellfire Club menace Lance’s innocence until he is swept up in the tender embrace of a mysterious man whose erection feels oddly familiar. Together, Lance and Blade must unite forces above-stairs and below to protect each other, punish Lord Pranceling, and expose the Hellfire Club while also having sex.

The Guardian called 'The Lord and His Man' "...extremely anatomically improbable particularly in its depiction of full penetration on horseback." [Christopher chuckles]

 Available now in the back of all closets. 

Alice: Whoo!

Christopher: That feels like a higher-than-usual erection ratio for a D’ancey piece of work and that is saying something. [Alice giggles]

Alice: Double the erections, double the fun! 

Christopher: I believe that’s the tagline for the movie version.