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And a new book is out by self-published romance maven and online bestseller, D’Ancey LaGuarde.

The Greek Baron’s Pregnant Concubine and Other Short Stories is a compilation of short stories set as spin-offs of LaGuarde’s most popular and most beloved worlds.

Including The Cog and the Lady, an intriguing short story that combines espionage, romance, betrayal, and illegal magic set in a steampunk alternate czarist Russia, where Nikolai Nikolayevich, the seductive Siberian assassin protects and then falls in love with Baby Yaga [Alice giggles], the feisty yet vulnerable runaway princess and secret daughter of evil witch Baba Yaga.

And Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! A perfect story for when you need some medieval-era lesbian paranormal escapism with a side of 7th century monastic mystery.

And The Lost Duke’s Last Loves. It’s a Victorian aristocracy polyamorous romance between Hadrian, Lord Apollo, a self-loathing rake who falls for a bisexual industrialist crime-lord-made-good, Indigo Wetherby, and then falls for Indigo’s ex-childhood sweetheart, now sworn enemy, disgraced courtesan Lady Delilah Preen.

These stories and many more. There’s something to tingle everybody’s loins in a massively sweaty compilation of beloved D’Ancey characters. That’s The Greek Baron’s Pregnant Concubine and Other Short Stories. Available in all short story bookstores today.