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Advertisement the tale [Alice laughs] of a modern coronavirus romance, set in a world much like our own, but where the coronavirus threat is compounded by the menace of a goblin army massing on the shores of a steampunk Chicago.

When Dalseth, the Crown Prince of Chicago, is caught away from his palace at the beginning of a lockdown, injured by goblins, he is forced to take shelter with an outcast seamstress and her adorable half-goblin child. His memory gone, he finds himself nursed back to health by the last person he would ever expect to be beholden to, but as his memory returns, he must fight against his urge to murder her goblin child while also wanting to have sex with her.

Gerania is an ex-renegade eking a modest living by making pop culture plushies for Etsy. Outcast for the sin of loving a goblin in wartime, the simple seamstress nonetheless finds it in her heart to welcome a ragged warrior into her plucky family. But as lockdown wears on and his memory slowly returns, will the passion rising between them turn to hate, and then back to love, and then to sex, and then back to hate, and then back to happily ever after? Yes.

But find out how, in The Forgetful Prince's Heroic Seamstress.

Available now in all zeppelin ports.

That's a remarkable clean one from D'Ancey LaGuarde. Not as...not as sweaty as they usually are.

[Nish laughs]