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The English Language[]

The English language is an incredible invention. It has helped people around the world express and communicate with each other. And confuse and misinterpret for the gains and repective losses to those who have a firmer grasp of the language.

Sadly English is costantly changing for example Wiblylevinianism. Once meant marrige bu in the space of a few weeks changed to become "short term marital bliss followed by lenghty and expensive Hollywood style divorce.

But who are these people who are changing the meaning of words and confusing others and are taking advantage of those who don't understand the subtlties of the language. The bloody bloody British. This transcript of a message sent by a man who cannot be identified says

"It can mean whatever we want it to because we are British creators of the marvelous English language which the rest of the world rightfully fear and speak better then most of our citizens."

Well you know what seventy percent of English came from Latin and twenty-nide percent from Greek. So what does it mean you ask well you know that means

  1. Burlesconi is secretly using the language to get as many models as he can
  2. Italians want to conquer the world
  3. Julius Ceasar is making a comeback

Thus the Brits are now pointless in my upcomming blog posts I will be doing studies of the different nations I will dicuss more about this.

The British managed to use the language to subtly manipulate treaties to thier own advantage, and gain land for that pointless Empire.

Cheating bastards but any way.

[edit]Those who speak it[]

With the onset of the British Empire English was forced upon people around the world. They are now forced to speak it. Now they either speak it better than the Brits or not well at all ( with the exeption of the chinese who can't speak it period).

The people who speak it well (or decently depending the nation) become politicians, heads of huge corperations, and lawyers and comedians.


cheats liars basterds, manipulators, evil people and the scum of society

those who speak it badly

own convinience stores, are janitors, homeless, failures

the other scum

this leaves the decent speakers who are average and the best.

we mistake grammatical errors. and spling mistakes but aside from that we are the best.

[edit]The future[]

People say that English will die out as china overuns the world. But heres the thing for the non Chiners chinese is TOO BLOODY HARD nowadays the kids cant even speak it or wright it. English will remain the language of international buissness and communication and beer. Until Russia brings nuclear holocaust.

Fuck you Chris