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The Earl-ish Duke’s Half-Hungarian Headmistress is a passionate tale set in the Regency period of England.

After one passionate waltz at a country ball he had been accidentally trapped at after a carriage accident a decade ago, the virile vagabond aka Gloucesterton, Earl of Duke, never forgot Mallory, the intelligent, witty, and forbidden daughter of his family’s worst enemy: Klaus the Exiled Hungarian Viscount. However, since suffering a disastrous marriage to a wife who turned out to be a haunted vase, the Earl of Duke has vowed never to succumb to temptation again. He’s left his half-ghost daughter in the arms of feckless relatives and has taken to the high seas to bury his heartbreak in smuggling until the day he discovers an unexpected captive is the one woman who still haunts his dreams other than his wife.

Disgraced after being trapped into a compromising position by a Hungarian Viscount’s other worst enemy, Mallory has spent the past seven years patiently working to re-establish her character and finance a school for disgraced girls, though she can’t rid herself of the foolish dreams in which a mysterious waltz partner waltzes her away from all her problems and onto his muscled horse. [Alice giggles] He took her heart with him when he scornfully left the country ball. 

Over the years Mallory has played the part of the perfect governess but on overhearing a treason plot threatening her Hungarian Viscount father, Mallory deliberately allowed herself to be kidnapped. When she wakens on the ship of the man who broke her heart, the virile vagabond tempts Mallory with a smouldering but restrained passion she cannot deny, and all the ship’s biscuits she can eat. [Alice and Tiff giggles] Despite the passion raging between them, he returns her to shore unravished, leaving her with a bag full of gold and him with balls full of unspermed [sic] passion.

With the mysterious pirate Earl’s ill-gotten gains, Mallory knows she has finally saved up enough money to finance her school for disgraced girls, but she knows she can’t be an Earl’s mistress and a headmistress at the same time. When the Duke’s daughter arrives at the stroke of midnight in her half-built school, the two are faced with a question: can true love overcome the terrible past and will the half-ghost walk in on them in the middle of a passionate embrace forcing them to marry despite her Hungarian father’s disapproval?

Find out in The Earl-ish Duke’s Half-Hungarian Headmistress, available now in all abandoned mansions.