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The Dragon Lord’s Lady[]

The Dragon Lord’s Lady is the fifteenth in Laguard’s groundbreaking fantasy romance detective thriller series with a supernatural twist.  

Balenthion is a ruthless mercenary, the bastard son of the dragon king, proving himself to his estranged father by running merchant caravans through the wild desert wastes of the Blighted Quadrant. His dragon cunning serves him well in the cutthroat trade cities of Sranthablan but his human half can’t help hungering for a more settled life and a maiden of his own.  

Salexandra is an orphaned healer of one of the recently demolished witch tribes, traveling across the Blighted Quadrant to claim her inheritance from her aunt, the sexy sinister feminist witch queen. Trained as an assassin onspec by a wandering assassin adopted by her witch tribe, Salexandra prefers to use her skills for healing but sometimes a girl’s just got to become a whirlwind of graceful death.  

When her caravan is set upon the desert by a fanatic seeking the death of the witch queen’s heir, she’s the only survivor, which is basically the opposite of what the fanatics were going for.  

Protected by her magic amulet, she’s all alone in the desert with nowhere to go until Balenthian’s caravan picks her up and saves her life.

 Balenthian is broodingly reluctant to bring on a useless extra mouth in his economically viable caravan but Salexendra promises to exchange healing and assassination services for passage through the desert. She wants to be annoyed by his mercenary ruthlessness but she’s drawn to his brooding muscularity and his unusually high core temperature

[Alice giggles].  

When he falls from a rare Blighted Quadrant fever she uncovers his dragon secret and draws him back from the brink of death with the only cure for dragon fever which is having sex. They should part when they reach the trade cities of Sranthoblan but Balenthian’s dragon has bonded with Salexandra and he promises to protect her on her way to her feminist witch aunt.  

What will happen to their burgeoning romance when he finds out that Salexandra is the witch queen’s heir?  

Will the sinister feminist witch queen ever accept such a manly dragon man as Salexandra’s consort?  

Who will they assassinate along the way?  

How many pages can a sex scene take? 

Find out in The Dragon Lord’s Lady. Available now only by the light of the desert moon.