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Is a violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy installment in LaGuarde's best selling series of late Edwardian/ early Victorian period romance thrillers with a supernatural twist. Set in the mean streets of a rapidly industrializing London, The Dim Menagerie sweeps you into a world of coal and corsets.

Devin is the bastard son of a duke, forging his own way in the emerging world of commerce. Half vampire, half Victorian doctor, he's got his hands full figuring out the implications of germ theory while lusting for the blood of his patients. But there is something missing. Something missing that is, until he meets a lady being set upon by footpads in a dark alleyway and rescues her with his swordstick.

Violet is a sassy suffragette with an anachronistic vocabulary and an elasticated corset... and amnesia. She doesn't need a man, but she can't remember why.

As Devin nurses her back to health, they both fight the passion rising between them. But they can't fight the passion rising between them! And when Violet continues to be the subject of assassination attempts, they must track down the source of her mysterious diplomatic enemy and solve a plot to bring down the government... while also having sex.

Will Devin overcome his vampiric bloodlust and meet with his estranged father now on his deathbed? Will Violet overcome her violent fear of handwashing and marry a doctor?

With a charming cameo by Violet's godfather, celebrity bridge builder Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and a 40 page lecture on Joseph Listers's "Principles of Sanitation", The Guardian called The Dim Menagerie "a period piece that leaves a stain" and The Times called it "the most graphic description of a Victorian Era penis surgery they've ever read."

Available now in all bus terminals and airport bookstores.