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The Darkling Sail[]

The Darkling Sail is a Dark Ages romance set in the Dark Ages of the human heart.

Thurn is the son of a viking chieftain, a half-viking berserker half-vampire. Tasked with guiding a ship to England’s rich shores for conquest, he spends his days raiding and pillaging but it doesn’t fill the hole in his heart. He’s looking for a lady but he can’t let himself be vulnerable lest he reveal his terrible secret.

His viking bloodlust hides his secret lust for blood! [Alice stifles laughter]

AEthelfroth is a maiden working at a convent to escape her terrible past. Her days are spent in prayer and contemplation. When her convent is raided by vikings, she can’t forget the handsome giant who pillaged her. Captured as a slave by the brutal vikings, she wants to be angry but she can’t resist the ruffianly allure of the giant captain. And when she is assigned to his household she must prove that she can be more than just a captured servant. She can be her own woman and maybe his.

When the viking village is haunted by a local witch, only AEthelfroth has the skills to take her down and Thurn must support her independent womanhood as they uncover a network of wicked witches, dire wolves, and local politics while also having sex.

The Guardian called The Darkling Sail, "completely historically inaccurate." And The Times said it had the "...most graphic description of viking toilet habits" they’d ever read.

The Darkling Sail is available in English and Futhark from all good train platform bookstores.