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Part Six in the high fantasy romance thriller series The Borders of Wingerdrom, The Crystal Throne follows the children of Ganandanar and Draxto who so memorably conquered the kingdom of Wingerdrom in Book Five; casting out the Dark Lord to his pit fortress in the dark chasm of Lovogram.

Lark is an orphaned servant girl toiling in the kitchens of the Dark Lord’s fortress. Her days are spent obeying the cruel whims of the fortress’s many-legged aristocracy and her nights are spent painting beautiful artworks and doing very good archery.

She dreams of escape but where?!

Dermien is the rakish son of Ganandanar and Draxto, raised on stories of battle and triumph, he longs for adventure but soothes his passionate spirit by banging lots of ladies and loving none. When his cousin is kidnapped by servants of the Dark Lord, he follows her into Lovogram to prove his might in arms. When he is chased by guards and almost killed he can’t leave behind the mysterious servant girl who hid him by making out with him in a sexy way at the risk of her own life.

Dragged from her lowly position in the depths of the Dark Lord’s fortress and dressed in beautiful clothes that show off her creamy breasts and fiery eyes, Lark thrills to find herself a lady in the court of Wingerdrom but she feels like an imposter until her paintings are seen by Ganandanar and Draxto who realise she must be the daughter of their loyal minstrel slash artist slash painter friend Greg, who (if you remember from the previous book) sacrificed his life to save them.

Dermien wants Lark for her creamy breasts and good archery skills but now she’s employed as the court artist and he must go to war. While at war, Dermien befriends a young archer in his legion. He is drawn to the young lad’s fiery eyes and gentle spirit. They adventure together, learning respect for one another, and Lark who is secretly in disguise as the archer, Blark, pines after the prince. It’s not until her shirt is coincidentally ripped open during a fight with the Wingéd Wiverns of the Northern Wastes revealing her creamy breasts that Dermien realises the archer he has been befriending is left-behind love. They must test the ancient legend that two warriors can only tame the Western Wyverns by having sex.

But will it ruin their friendship?

Will Dermien ever be able to forgive Lark of her deception or will it break the burgeoning trust between them? Will the two of them tame the Wivens and bring them back to fight for Wingerdrom? Does anyone remember Dermien’s cousin from before? [Alice laughs]

 Find out in Part Seven [sic] of the high fantasy romance thriller series The Borders of Wingerdrom to be continued dot dot dot The Crystal Throne. Available in all good book vans and when the clock strikes three.