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The Crystal Stuff is the next in her series of supernatural romance thrillers with an excellent twist.

In The Crystal Stuff, a heroine full of sassy spunk and secret longing, a hero full of massive muscles and also spunk—but in a sexy way. Bear is a small medium working in a large circus [Alice falls apart in this bit], she’s in disguise as a simple charlatan, a comforting fortune-teller, and [a] gardener. But her disguise disguises a deeper truth: she’s actually a seer, half-social worker half-witch, giving people relationship advise in the guise of prophesy while ignoring her own virginity until she realises that the tall, dark stranger she sees in her crystal ball is her secret destiny and the biggest danger is to her heart. 

Lonathan is a tall, dark, ambitious prince, the half-ling heir to a ruthless warlord, seeking to prove his own bloodthirstiness and earn the Bone Throne, the throne of bone his father sits on. He must constantly fight his nature as half-dryad half-warlord. His pacifist leanings and love of flowers undermine his day-job of constant murder. Until one day he goes to the circus and meets Beer and his life will never be the same again. He’s a mass murderer with a heart of gold, she’s a virgin who can’t ride. Lonathan knows Bear is destined to be his kingmaker with her ability to see the future, a weapon he can use against his many awful brothers who are all trying to murder each other for their father’s love. He wants her as a powerful weapon but will she instead cure his sociopathic need to murder his enemies and render him weak in the face of his brothers? His smouldering advances set her loins on fire but will she be able to use his spunk to put them out? 

Find out in The Crystal Stuff, available now in all possible futures and discount bookstores.