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The Bugle Crazy Sports Hall of Fame was officially established in Bugle 127 after Kinlochshiel keeper Graham Kennedy, used his head to win his team shinty's Balliemore Cup final. Potential inductees had been discussed on the Bugle previously, but this marked the first official regonition of their crazy exploits.

Inductees to the Bugle Crazy Sports Hall of Fame include these esteemed lunatics:

Plaxico Burress: The patron saint of crazy sport, Burress is recognized for his astounding achievement in shooting himself in the leg in a nightclub while wearing sweatpants.

Delonte West: West is recognized for his mad ramblings including his historic '99 dollar wine and dine' speech and his impromptu rap while waiting for Kentucky Fried Chicken, as well as for being arrested while riding a three wheeled motorbike at 3 am with 2 guns, as well as a shotgun in a guitar case strung over his back.

Chad Ochocinco: Ochocinco is recognized for his mad touchdown celebrations that continue bravely in the face of constant pressure and fines by the NFL. Ochocinco, also known as the Black Mexican, refuses to back down and continues to suffer for his art.

Graham Kennedy: Kennedy earned a place in the Bugle Crazy Sports Hall of Fame based on his decision to head a shinty ball when he could have saved it without using his head in the Balliemore Cup final in 2010.

Brett Favre: Brett Favre was inducted into the Bugle Crazy Sports Hall of Fame during episode 132 and a bit following the revelation that Favre sent pictures of his penis to a New York Jets staff member that was not interested in photos of his penis.

Mario Balotelli: Balotelli was inducted into the Bugle Crazy Sports Hall of Fame during episode 170 following a story that he nearly burnt his house down whilst attempting to shoot off fireworks out of his bathroom window. This was the final irrefutable evidence that allowed his induction at the extremely young age of 21, but he has been a massive purveyor of crazy sport previously through actions such as breaking into a women's prison and purchasing two Vespa scooters and a giant trampoline when his mother asked him to pick up cleaning supplies. Balotelli is also known for his love of philosophical questions, such as "Why Always Me?" displayed on a T-Shirt after he scored a goal against Manchester United.

Mark Dantonio: Mark Dantonio, head coach of the Michigan State Spartans college football program is the current most recent inductee in the Bugle Crazy Sports Hall of Fame. Dantonio received this honor during Bugle 177 due to his profound man-management skills in his decision to release a live alligator during a practice in anticipation of their bowl game against Georgia.