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The Bugle Drinking Game

Every so often, a Bugler needs an excuse to get properly smashed. Here are the basic rules, ensured to get you hammered within minutes. For underage Buglers (or the "second generation"), this can be played as Bingo, or alcohol can be replaced with milk.

Buglers should drink an appropriately stereotypical drink, related to their nationality; American buglers, perhaps a Bud Light or Coors; British Buglers, a cold bottle of Lambrini or Real Ale.

Drink one:

- Every time John calls Andy a “Bad Jew!”

- Every time Andy mentions cricket

- Whenever Andy plugs one of his own gigs

- Either John or Andy refer to the British Empire

Drink two:

- Whenever John says “Oh yeahhhhhh” in a sinister fashion

- Every “Fuck you, Chris!”

- If John phones in from an obscure US state (such as Idaho, Delaware or Vermont)

- The American claims that the USA invented something

- Whenever Florence Nightingale is mentioned

Down your drink:

- If you think Andy might have mistakenly said something true

- When Andy delivers any children

- If something vaguely treasonous has been said

- When you can’t take any more bullshit