The Bugle Wiki

Andy Zaltzman periodically updates a segment on the Times Online website with extra e-mails, information on the Bugle, and downloadable versions of the past few episodes. This section has been known to be forgotten by Mr. Zaltzman for many reasons including, cricket, shiny objects, the Olympics, his child/children, tiredness, and grapes.

John Oliver, on the other hand, never contributes to the blog due to his blog allergies.

Recently the blog has been temporarily taken over by Tom the Producer, and by all appearances this seems to be the future of the Bugle Blog.

The Bugle Blog may be found by clicking on this sentence.

Excuses for Andy[]

The Bugle Blog is not updated particularly periodically of late. In response, this section has been created for Bugle to suggest new excuses for Andy (now that he's stopped even trying).

  • Some marginal sport being shown on television.
  • He's using his kitchen's Spitfire to fend off the Luftwaffe.
  • The training of his children to reenact the conquest of Cyprus by Richard I in 1191 is going much slower than he anticipated.
  • He's being knighted for his spectacular "pun"ditry.
  • Bacon.
  • He's too busy setting up his campaign to run for President of the USA in 2012, (after he failed to get Guliani to put him on the 2008 ticket with him, he decided to do it himself).
  • He is updating his blog on cricinfo.
  • Consumed by deliberation about moving permanently to the US.
  • He has been racked by grief upon remembering that Queen Victoria died a scant 108 years ago.
  • He claims to have evolved beyond the need for blogs, a higher being, perfect in all aspects, save blog writing.
  • Alien abductions
  • Why should he bother writing a blog when the Earth is doomed to end at some point in the future? Whether today or in a billion years, writing a blog is really just a waste of time in the grand sceme of things.
  • The family's digital pet, "Gee Willikers," ate Andy's first blog entry just as he posted it. Luckily, what goes around comes around, and in a fit of foul binary glory, Gee Willikers shit out this wiki.
  • He has begun his bid for the next Noble Peace Prize and worried that he might post something that someone found contrary to the advancement of world peace.

Fuck you Chris