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The Bugle: The Movie is a feelgood buddy movie loosely based on the weekly radio serial The Bugle .


The story follows the adventures of zany TV weatherman Andy (John Oliver), semi retired gigolo Johnny-O (Andy Zaltzman) and lovable radio producer Pugsley (Mackauley Culkin).

When Pugsley goes missing, it's up to the crime fighting duo to solve the mystery. With the help of the lovely Florence Nightingale (Selma Hayek) and her cuddly pet chimpanzee (voiced by Charlton Heston in his final role), they're hot on a trail that stretches from Merry Olde London to New York (pausing briefly to allow Andy to deliver Florence's baby, also played by Mackauley Culkin, into a swimming pool on the top of Trump Tower). A thrilling helicopter chase reunites the trio just in time for a rousing song and dance number in which neither Dan Ackroyd nor John Belushi appear.

Though the film was exported to 28 countries, language barriers and a decision not to involve the casts of the various regional Bugles (though the Brazilian Andy Zaltzman plays a small role as a musician in the Cantina scene) meant that it met with mixed success. In Holland, the film was known as Het Blazen van de Hoorn van Lot ('Blowing the Horn of Destiny'). Brazilian audiences knew the film as Ouça! É a Canção do Jornal! ('Listen! It is the Song of the Periodical!'), while in France, Algeria and Quebec it went by the title Le Bruit de Todger Britannique ('The Sound of British Todger'). The film was subject to heavy censorship by the Chinese government, which frowns on cryptic crosswords.

Inevitably, The Bugle: The Movie was followed up by The Bugle: The Sequel, which sees Andy and Johnny-O in a rap-dancing face off with Joanna the Mad and Otto von Bismarck to prevent the demolition of the local youth centre. John Oliver elected not to return to his role, and was re-created through a combination of sophisticated computer imagery and strategic lighting. A boarhound in a party hat was also used in some crucial scenes.

After inspiring numerous copycat crimes, the film was withdrawn from distribution and remains a highly sought after cult classic.

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