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Andy's fans riot in the streets on the so called "Black Monday"

Like those antiquated newspapers, the Bugle often ends each issue with a discussion of Sport. These discussions sometimes feature American sports such as basketball, baseball, or the so-called "football". Most often however the Sport section is dedicated to actual sports, such as Cricket, Rugby, Football (Or as it is known to The American Soccer), etc.

In fact it is down in Andy's contract that no episode of the Bugle can be released unless some reference to one of these sports is included. Some controversy over issue # 39, when the only sport was John's opening anecdote when he mentioned a game of backgammon he played with Bolivian President Evo Morales. Andy was placated by Tom the Producer's promises that an upcoming issue would contain a special section where Andy would be free to rant about a recent football match he had watched, but while Andy's ire was pacified, his fans remain enraged.

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