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Son of the King of the Gloom is number 8 in D’Ancey LaGuarde’s most modern supernatural romance thriller series with a supernatural twist. 

He’s the son of an immortal warrior, she’s a sassy gang leader in a post-apocalyptic New York with a secret passion for oil painting. Garshian is the bastard son of an immortal warrior trying to find his way in the hostile world of a post-apocalyptic New York. Heir to the heir of the Kingdom of Night, Garshian has only just found his father and is coming to terms with his new responsibilities as a half-prince half-immortal all-hunk when he finds Laralandra. Laralandra is all legs and no regrets, the leather-clad leader of a violent gang of sassy vixens known as the Valkyries. They meet one night in the middle of a criminal chase when Garshian tried to save Laralandra’s spunky adopted kid sister is [sic] wounded on one of his corners by a spear.

Alice: They have spears in the post-apocalyptic future.

He then has a spear-induced vision of the future and collapses in front of a pack of ravening Brooklyn werewolves. Laralandra saves his life in gratitude for him saving the life of her spunky adopted kid sister but she’s not happy about it and how. Garshian must break it to Laralandra that they are destined for a future together and that in order to save New York, he must awaken her immortal blood in the only way he knows how—with his penis. Garshian has broken it to Laralandra but she refuses him and they must develop an uneasy respect for each other as they track down the gang that’s trying to destroy New York and find out why Laralandra doesn’t like men. But they can’t fight the rising sexual tension between them and they embrace one another at last in a passionate sex scene. Laralandra must wrestle with the fact that she’s eternally bonded to a sexy near-stranger while saving her sassy gang of spunky girls from the post-apocalyptic apocalypse that looms before them. Garshian must learn and grow in to respecting her individuality as a modern empowered woman, oil painter, and gang leader. 

Son of the King of the Gloom, available on all abandoned wharves and in stormwater drains near you. 

Alice: [Bleep] me, that’s nonsense. [Nish laughs]