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Ped is the stand-in producer on the Bugle, in which he features when Chris is out. Ped's most important moment was when he answered "fuckslice" to Andy's question of why episode 132a (old gold) did not download for one listener.


Little is known of Ped (born Pedolas von Pedolas-Buress in 1427), but his first public appearance took place at the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton, wherein he personally conducted the entire ceremony wearing the still-warm skin of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Ped has also announced that he will soon be releasing his first two children's books, entitled BOOM! and The Adventures of Silvio and Mr Toad.

Fuck you Chris, and fuck you Ped.

Ped is currently under police investigation for harassment after sending pictures of his genitals to numerous former politicians including Anne Widdecombe, Margret Thacher & Lembit Öpik. Ped claims to have lent his phone to a friend despite many of the pictures featuring Ped's defining birth mark two inches below his left nipple and several others containing clear views of his face.

Ped is known to have belgian ancestry thus making his ongoing battle against a crippling addiction to fabergé waffles utterly futile.