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Discover the genre-busting Once a Pond-er Time, a series of fairy tales set in a pond and rewritten for the modern age. D'Ancey answers all the questions left unanswered by traditional folklore with [his] steamy sex scenes, heart-pounding action sequences, and complete rewriting of the facts, scenarios, characters, and morals. What happens when a frog kisses a frog? Find out in Once a Pond-er Time. Why hasn't anyone ever tried writing a 40-page homoerotic sadomasochistic bang-fest with all the wicked stepmothers in all the stories at a British girls' boarding school? Find out in Once a Pond-er Time. How does a mermaid bleep? Find out in Once a Pond-er Time.

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Josh: I feel like it would be tough to date as a mermaid because I feel like if you're dating non-mermaids, whoever you're dating just assume you're gonna a lot of mouth stuff without a lot of the reciprocity. And that seems unfair to you. I feel like they should at least ask. 


Transcriber's note: Alice Fraser refers to the author as male with "his" in this advert. In a future episode, Alice denies knowledge of the sexuality of the author. []