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Night Passions.

Night Passions is a highly-charged erotic thriller set in the mean streets of Downtown where life is cheap and beer is expensive but still obviously cheaper than life which seems reasonable.

Sebastian Church is a changeling, born of an unnatural threesome at a satanic 70’s swinger night, he is a half-leopard half-human half-vampire and all hunk. He keeps his animalistic under tight control in his role as a high paid corporate psychoanalyst by day but he can’t keep denying the call in his blood and he spends his nights as the star attraction in a supernatural fight club slash night club.

Brunella is a part-time medium working nightshifts on the door of the supernatural fight club slash night club to support her dream of becoming a full-time medium but when she has a vision of match fixing in the club she finds herself dreaming of the tall dark stranger whose aura she can’t read.

As Sebastian and Brunella are drawn into a web of intrigue and night fights, they must solve the crime together and uncover the sinister undercover night club fight club match fixing cabal while also having sex. [Alice giggles] What does their relationship mean?

Will Brunella ever be able to trust a man who is half-leopard when she is deathly allergic to cats?

And can a medium with cat allergies and a leopard-vampire-hunk-psychoanalyst-gladiator ever make it work?

The answer is yes but it takes a long time to get there.

The Guardian called Night Passions, " of the most graphic descriptions of a leopard’s penis we've ever seen."  

The Times called Night Passions, "the second most graphic description of a leopard’s penis" they’ve ever seen but refused to disclose the first most graphic description of a leopard’s penis they’ve ever seen. 

Night Passions available now in all airports and under bus stop benches. Buy it now and enter the night.