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Nelson Mandela was former President of South Africa, voted most cuddly terrorist of the 20th century by GQ magazine and founding father of John and Nelson's World Leader Vague Compliment-agram.

Nelson Mandela, the most famous South African ever who was not a cricketer or a rugby player, was actually born in India and attended Rangampeta University and the University of India. On moving to South Africa he joined the ANC (Advanced Nursing Corps) where he became a militant fundraiser organising some of the best bake sales Johannesburg had ever seen. The cakes served by Nelly were of such high quality that the ruling party prosecuted him for his involvement in cake baking activities in the Tiffin Trial from 1956 to 1961. Emerging from this process he secretly joined the SACP (Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy) and it was his studies in this field that led him to become militant in order to protect his baking skills.

Mandela served 26 years in prison, mainly on Robben island producing services for the much more well known Van Persie island. He was released in 1990 to much critical acclaim. Mandela joined forces with current South African President and owner of a shoe chain FW Klerks to end the long running separation of blacks and whites in a South Africa. Backed by support from his nurses he swept to presidential victory in 1994.

Achievements of Mandela in office[]

  • Drew up a national constitution.
  • Stabilised a dangerous and tentative political environment.
  • Sought for justice for those whose human rights had been desecrated.
  • Commissioned and produced the South African version of 'Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow.'
  • invented the life-saving technique of buddy diving.

Life Post Office and John and Nelson's World Leader Vague Compliment-agram.[]

After leaving office Nelson released a series of albums including 2003's 'Key to her Ferrari', 2005's 'Hands Tied to the Root of a Haemorrhage' and his Christmas album 'Wise Mandela'

In 2007 Mandy joined forces with premier Bugler John Oliver to form John and Nelson's World Leader Vague Compliment-agram. A service where ex-world leaders would knock on your door and pay you a meaninglessly vague compliment for extortionate fees. Mandela's classic line was "You have nice eyes" - many believe it will never be surpassed. After Mandela's death the business faltered. His mantle has been continued in the organisation with a slightly less impressive rotating roster of Thailand's Chuan Leekpai, Thailand's Abhisit Vejjajiva and Germany's Walter Scheel.