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The archatypal Christian Monk, St. Anthony; neither breaking breeze blocks or setting himself on fire.

Monkery is the state of being a monk and/or taking part in monkish activities. There are several different forms of monkery throughout the world, but may be split into three categories:

Buddhist Monkery[]

These monks live in the varied remote communities throughout the Himalayan and Southeast Asian regions.

They generally seek to better their lives through meditation and community service, in the vein of Buddhist theology, in the hopes that they might achieve enlightenment. Though many spend their time clicking their heels together, and griping about the lack of affordable ruby footwear.

They are also known for their liberal political positions, and vulnerability to fire.

Kong-Fu Monkery[]

These monks are individuals who seek to attain enlightenment through the mastery of the physical world, and by smashing in each others faces (in lieu of the boring mediation their contemporaries in the Buddhist community favor).

They tend to live in stereotypical dramas in eastern films as well as the odd Hollywood film, and often take on the attribute of flight in this context.

Christian Monkery[]

These individuals live in monasteries where they pray, read scripture, and chant in the typical Gregorian fashion.

It appears that western style monks are unable to do smash in breeze blocks or set themselves ablaze like their contemporaries in the world. Though this fact was disputed by one Bugler who claimed to be a monk, his claims have been unverified and thus any such activities of superhuman monkery must either be a complete fabrication or a secret aspect of the church unseen by the public eye.

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