The Bugle Wiki

There are a number of episodes which are either missing or incomplete in The Bugle's RSS feed. Luckily there is The Bugle Archive , so we can download them from there. Here are the entries from the archive for the relevant episodes:

21* 2008-03-24 DVD Extras Download
28 2008-05-12 Dead Hill Walking Download
29 2008-05-19 Adults and Aliens Download
35* 2008-07-07 Independence Day Special Download
44 2008-09-08 Republican Convention Special Download
48 2008-10-13 How Low Will They Go? Download
55 2008-12-08 Literally, shooting oneself in the foot Download
91 2009-10-05 Happy Birthday Communist China! Download
92 2009-10-12 Obama wins first pre-emptive Nobel Peace Prize Download
97 2009-12-07 Bad news for stupid buildings, Afghanistan & shoes Download
111 2010-04-19 Some Seriously Bad Pope-ing Download
112 2010-04-26 Birthday Party! Super Best Friends Invited! Download
115 2010-05-17 Five more years of this Download