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Malaysia is a geographical location someplace in South-East Asia, but no creditable source has reported any sightings of the place since the nation's quater-centenial celebration of nationhood in 1988. Recent articles have led to the belief that it is in someway moving. Top Russian scientist Vlad Vladivostock was reported to say "Eet eez totally weird. Like epeezode of Lost yis?" in a faux Balkan accent. Vlad Vladivostock was later revealed to be Fearne Cotton though most people did agree it was kind of like Lost.


Consider yourself warned.

==Teapot Worshiping Cults==

You can and will be arrested if you join Malaysian Teapot Worshiping Cults, so watch out for that (especially you British folk).


There is a grand total of one citizen recognized by The Bugle in the whole of Malaysia. All other man-like creatures are classified as primates due to their lack of exposure to The Bugle.

In an effort to hasten the evolution of others by the only citizen, he followed The Bugle religiously every week. All episodes are played repeatedly as he went on the day, misty-eyed, gazing to the horizon, wondering when will his dream of One Nation Under Bugle comes true.

Fuck you Chris