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Luring the Laird is the 53rd in the Hugs in the Hills book of supernatural romance thrillers set in ancient Scotland.

McBurnburn Castle is a formidable fortress hidden in the Highlands, shrouded in mystery and history and fog. Its thick walls hide its secrets. Western Dair(?) is the Earl of Craigyburn, half-English aristocrat half-Scottish laird, he fiercely protects his Scottish heritage by wearing a kilt. And he also protects his dark secrets. His duty is to guard the castle and its dark secrets but despite his duty and all the dark secrets, he is lonely. Avoiding the glittering parties of the London haute ton and weary of his unwanted secret talents, the legendary Earl of Craigyburn might be cursed to live as a shapeshifting bear-warlock. But society condemns the eccentric aristocrat for his unfriendly ways. He lives in the shadow of rumour and superstition wearing a kilt and skulking around his castle until someone knocks on his door late one night and he has to stand up for the one thing he believes in—true love. [Alice giggles]

The American: Wow! That sounds good.

Forsythe McKenzie is the widowed daughter of the McKenzie laird, the traditional enemies of Craigyburn. She’s a feisty Scottish thistle who has no choice but to seek out the nefarious Earl of Craigyburn despite his black reputation. She approaches on the one night of the year when Western is in the form of a sexy bear and he fixates on her scent. She’s frightened, she’s furious, she’s sexy, and she’s pregnant. [Alice giggles] Western is an enigma, rough-featured but devastatingly attractive, consistently rude yet unfailingly polite, and irresistibly drawn to the daughter of his worst enemy.

There’s danger in the air and something is stirring in dark places. And it’s not just his penis. [Alice giggles] The intriguing Earl is not just a captivating lover but ever so much more. And together they must solve the ancient enmity between their people and their connection with the traditional power is about to start a hidden war.

Luring the Laird.

The American: You have any idea if they gonna do like a Netflix series about this or something? Is that just—I mean, that is—Everything about— You know one thing I will just quickly say about the Scots, you know, is that the kilts. I think they’ve figured something out with the kilts. ‘Cause there are times in the summer where I’m I see a lady in a skirt and I’m just going “man, I wish, you know, I wish I could wear one of those.” Just the breeze—just on my—you know, ‘cause you know in the summertime, your balls just really. The humidity—just thinking of the breeze up there and I felt like the Scots figured that out.

Alice: I mean you can wear a kilt if you like.

The American: Nyeh. Not really, nah. Not here, you know, not here.

Alice: It’s culturally unacceptable in America.

The American: It’s—yeah. There’s just too much here. I’m just saying, you know, if The Rock started doing it then maybe it would catch on. But I don’t want to get into that.