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Little Red Riding Werewolf is a fairy tale detective romance thriller with a supernatural twist, a sexy sequel to the famous fairy tale. Little Red Riding Werewolf is the 4th in D’ancey Laguarde’s series of fairy tale sexy remixes.  

Gil is a buxom beauty with auburn locks who won’t be told what to do. Half-werewolf half-granddaughter, she’s the dangerous offspring between a big bad wolf and his beloved riding-hood-wearing witch. Gil spends her days gathering herbs in the forest and her nights as an exotic dancer at a werewolf bar. She’s protected by her pack of biker werewolves who seek to protect her innocence but her free spirit calls for adventure.  

Told to stay in the woods lest she stray into the path of one of the wolves’s natural woodsman enemies, Gil rebels and heads to the nearest lumberjack station. Caught in a wood-valanche, she is trapped under a pile of wood, until she is rescued by Jack the lumberjack whom she immediately recognises as her destined mate. Jack is struck by the beauty of the beautiful redhead with the mysterious eyes and the musky wolfish scent and they impulsively kiss! Unwittingly activating a life bond that can never be broken!  

They must consummate their connection within 14 days or they will both explode! [Alice giggles]  

But Gil demands a proper courtship and love before she is mounted by her fated mate. But as they explore their deepening connection up against some trees, Gil’s tribe discovers them in all but flagrante and realises that Jack’s of the tribes-folk of woods-folks who killed her grandfather the wolf. Parted by force, they are reunited at the full moon when Jack is staked out for Gil’s inner beast to destroy.  

Will she accidentally eat her fated mate in a blood frenzy?! Or will they have aggressive wolf sex under the pervert moon? They must escape for the forbidden mountain and make their home among the outcasts and misfits of the Forbidden Zone.  

Will Jack and Gil ever make up the hill into a place they can call home? 

Find out in Little Red Riding Werewolf. Available now only during your period.