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Light Fingers in Darkness is the first in Laguarde’s shapeshifters and shoplifters series of modern detective romance thrillers with a supernatural twist.

Legacy is a changeling male brought up in an orphan pickpocket gang, now a self-made billionaire on the hunt for a mate while dealing with the dark past that has locked his shapeshifting powers away from him. He can only change when he is in moments of extreme anger or lust. And that’s not always appropriate.

Lara is a part-time bartender part-time biochemist part-time detective who can’t stop thinking about the quiet billionaire who drinks alone at her bar. She wants to hear his secrets and soothe his pain but she must struggle against her fear of billionaires that came her first abusive billionaire boyfriend.

She’s afraid of making herself vulnerable to love and money. He’s afraid of accidentally turning into a leopard and eating her in her sleep.

Legacy wants Lara just as much as she wants him but he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings by murdering her by accident. Together, they must work through the passion that is rising between them if they are to have any chance of forever.

Lara must use her biochemistry skills to solve the secrets that lie in Legacy’s blood and figure out how she can tame his inner beast. As heat simmers between them, they must restrict themselves to mutual fingering while they solve the mystery of who locked Legacy’s power away from him and whether it was Lara’s abusive billionaire ex-boyfriend which it obviously was.

Will they be torn apart by their mutual fears? Or will they finger their way to success?

Light Fingers in Darkness is available now online on randomly assigned reddit forums.