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Legs in the Gloaming is the 43rd installment of D’Ancey LaGuarde’s violent sexy and occasionally violently sexy hell’s portico period thriller romance series. 

Legs in the Gloaming is a pulse-palpitating parable of two hearts torn apart by distance and brought together also by distance. [Andrew chuckles]

 Bletchley is a lowly cabin girl working a cruise ship while on the run from a dark past in a small town in North Dakota. Bletchley’s telepathic abilities have so far kept her a step ahead of ruin but her unusual gift attracts the attention of the very man she’s trying to escape: the captain of the ship, serial douchebag, lounge singer and mass murderer known only as Captain Bloodhead.  

Trapped on what was meant to be only a seven-day trip, she’s cornered by the evil captain where she has no option but to accidentally sink the ship and take her chances on the open ocean.  

Washing ashore weeks later, she finds herself on a desert island with the last man on Earth she’d ever thought to see again. Her survival lies in the hands of her ex-best friend, vampire master, and international stuntman Blavid who has been abandoned by enemies on the very same island. They don’t recognise each other at first but the powerful pull of attraction they feel stirs feelings they both only felt once before dot dot dot with each other and a glimpse of her legs in the gloaming is all it takes to bring their troubled past roaring back.  

Can Bletchley forgive Blavid for breaking her heart back in high school when they were best friends harbouring mutual unrequited crushes on each other, back when he was a mere half-vampire apprentice half-gymnast and she an orphaned heiress on the cheer squad? Will he have the strength to reveal that he only left because he thought she was too good for him and had fallen in with a Mexican cartel? She used to be so far above him but now the tables have turned and in the hot days and steamy nights of the island they must learn to forgive the past and work together to rebuild the burning passion they left behind them and also a raft. [Andrew chuckles]

 With the big monsoon storms coming and the next cruise ship passing by in only a few weeks, they have to find the treasure of Captain Bloodhead before the international stunt council strikes Blavid from their guild and leaves him and Bletchley at the mercy of Blavid’s spurned Mexican cartel lover. 

Legs in the Gloaming is rated B for boobs.

Available in all good airports and abandoned warehouses.