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King of the Gloom is number 7 in D’ancey Laguarde’s modern supernatural romance thriller with a supernatural twist.

Dananon is 500 years old, Lucinda is eighteen. He’s an immortal warrior— [Tom: What?!] He’s an immortal warrior, she’s an intern at a landscape designing franchise with a secret passion for the harp. He’s the bastard son of a demigoddess and a male sea witch, half-man half-demigod, so I guess like a quarter-god, heir to the kingdom of Night. They meet one night while Lucinda is playing harp in the park and is set upon by a gang of feral highway persons.

Dananon is wounded in the process of rescuing her when he is pierced by an iron blade and she must nurse him back to health. What can a half-man quarter-god quarter-sea wizard all-hunk have in common with a simple apprentice landscape designer slash virtuoso harpist?

But Dananon must break it to Lucinda the moment he saw her he knew she was to be his destined mate connected forever at the sex and awaken her immortal blood in the only way he knows how, with his penis. [Tom groans] Lucinda and Dananon must develop an uneasy respect for each other as they solve the rash of underworld landscaping crimes and discover the secret identity of the Mulch Lord while they fight the sexual tension rising between them by arguing about their vast cultural differences.

But they can’t fight the rising sexual tension between them and they resolve all of their arguments with the fiery passion of sudden sex scenes. Lucinda must wrestle with the fact that she’s eternally bonded to a sexy near-stranger while uncovering nefarious doings at her landscape design firm.

Dananon must learn and grow into respecting her individuality as a modern empowered woman and harpist. Lucinda refuses his sexy offer of immortality until her sassy housemate, Isabella Kingdom Brunel, a super wisecracking descendant of the legendary railway designer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, heir to the Kingdom Brunel railway empire, gives her some sage advice about how hot he is before pairing up with Dananon’s merman secretary.

King of the Gloom available on all deep sea tankers and oil rigs or written on the sand at high tide near you.