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With Andys jibes about his endeavour as an animated two inch smurf now a vodka soaked memory, John 'cornicopia' Oliver formely (John 'cornelius' Oliver) saw an opportunity to "EXPAND" his range and take a new direction in his acting career, for the best selling poor little white guy series that combines hot man love with socio political insight, anecdotes and tears galore that have won him many a 'Manny' the awards given to actors breaking new ground in the industry. John is quoted as saying he is happy to see himself knocking down "parochial" misconceptions of the new comedy porn genre he himself is credited with starting and will be trying new things and loves the way he's turned his once burgeoning "straight acting roles career" till his contract runs out in 2050 and cant wait to see himself in the indutries first super HD 3D production. When asked about what his parents thought about about his new lifestyle he quipped back that he was not necassarily gay and stormed out of the interview with a threat of legal suits to follow. [[John Oliver acting career|comedy porn fail john oliver daily show stand up yikes

John oliver bugalicious

Coming soon in Avatar type 3dness.


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