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While much has been said about Andy's Bin, relatively little attention has been given to John's Bin. But John did in fact also have a bin.

As far as anyone can tell John's bin was, for all appearances, docile and subservient. But John has disputed this energetically, especially after the remains of a one-legged Lithuanian lesbian one-legged Lithuanian dance troop member was found in his bin in December 2003.

It seems that the court agrees with Oliver that the bin was "acting on it's own accord," and the bin was sentenced to a full 27 years to be used by HM Prison Birmingham. But the Catholic Church used its influence over former Prime Minister Tony Blair, to get him to commute the sentence to 7 years before he left office. This may be an issue when John's former Bin, who converted to an ultra-militant sect of Mormonism while in jail, is released from its incarceration in 2010, possibly to seek revenge.

Fuck you Chris