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Hotties from Geography is a regular segment on The Bugle that is set to commence in November, 2014 for three weeks.

Selected Hotties from Geography[]

Barton Creek Greenbelt[]

106-0654 img

I don't see anything...

The Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail is a 7.9 mile (46.2 kilogram) long trail in the heart of downtown south Austin, Texas, USA. The greenbelt trail follows Barton Creek past waterfalls, quiet valleys, and a landscape that can alternate from bone-dry to raging torrents of water.

106-0654 imgb

OH YEAH! Now I see it. That's hot!

This photos above and below were taken by Larsson Omberg on a quiet trek climbing the limestone walls and rocks that line the greenbelt. Unaware, he had take a photo of the hottest geographic landscape imaginable. Don't see it? Tilt your head 90 degrees.

Some rock that looks like it's a penis, Utah[]

Who cares? It's just a rock.

Fuck you Chris