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A eulogy composed in memory of a particularly objectionable person.

Coined by comedian John Oliver on The Bugle podcast following the death of Osama Bin Laden

.This is not so much a tribute episode to bin Laden as a special fuckeulogy to the big man.

In addition to Osama Bin Laden, two other anti-great men have received the honor of a fuckeulogy on the Bugle:

Colonel Moammar Gaddafi received a fuckeuology in episode 169 following his death on behalf of his own people.

Kim Jong Il is the most recent recipient of the fuckeulogy following his death on December 17th. His fuckeulogy was delivered on Bugle 177.

A Fuckeulogy was called for following the death of Hugo 'Crackers from Caracas' Chavez on the 5th of March, but John and Andy decided not to issue one.

There was similar outcry following the death of Margaret 'Iron Lady' Thatcher on the 8th of April but, again, no Fuckeulogy was issued, John instead called for a Celebrorial, a celebration/memorial.

At the suggestion of an emailer, the Fuckeulogy format was adapted into a "Thankyoulogy" when the Bugle eulogised Nelson Mandela in Bugle 252.

Fuck you Chris