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Florence Nightingale was a celebrated social reformer and total hottie. She came to prominence during the Crimean War and became known as 'The Lady of the Lamp' because when that lamp went off things got naughty.

In 1860, Nightingale laid the foundation of professional nursing with the establishment of her nursing school at St Thomas' Hospital in London. The Nightingale Pledge taken by new nurses was named in her honour wherein nurses pledge to be true to their cause as well as just a little bit flirty. Anne Summers modelled their Nurse outfits on the style of uniform commonly worn by FloNi.

Her social reforms include improving healthcare for all sections of British society, inventing the pie chart, being voted Miss World 1851 and abolishing the death penalty for those with black eyes.

Timeline of Florence's Sensuality[]

In her times Florence Nightingale was a woman of great attraction and sensuality. Her pleasing looks turned many an eye hence her nickname 'The Lady of the Lamp' and her being voted Miss World 1851.

The pinnacle of her conquests only emerged recently when a note from her to William Gladstone was unearthed. The message read:

Dear William

Do I make you feel horny?



The revelation of this affair led to a swathe of historic sexual liaisons to emerge. One such affair came from a member of the public named Ben Fulk who revealed that his great-great-great-grandfather who fought in the Crimean War, and who worked for a time in Flo's hospital. Ben researched rumours that his ancestor boffed her - allegations that bore fruit as round and sumptuous as Florence's ample love fruits.

Glen Pritchard, a Crimeanologist, declared Nightingale "one of the slammingest hotties of the Crimean War" - a war which many argue was the sexiest war of the nineteenth century. Pritchard even goes so far as to say that to have vivid and filthy fantasies about her is a huge compliment to her and her profession and that men owe it to all the underpaid nurses around the world to have naughty thoughts about Nightingale.