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A supernatural romance period thriller, Dark Bridges of the Heart is already a favourite among D’Ancey fans.

Delilah is an orphaned aristocrat student at the prestigious Pinkerton Academy for Female Girls but she’s hiding a dark secret. When she’s blamed for burning down the school in a freak arson accident, she’s claimed by her mysterious guardian, Declan.

At first he just seemed like a very handsome and mysterious man with a troubled past but he has a secret from before that’s hovering over his shoulder. Does it have anything to do with the prophecy that’s engraved on her left shoulder and why do they have the same dream whenever they’re forced by circumstances into sharing a bedroom even though they’re both weary of attachment?

Declan was done with love, he’d been hurt too many times. As a half-vampire half-Victorian railway bridge architect he’s seen the worst humanity has to offer to those who aren’t of the ruling class. He’s planning on just collecting his ward and being coldly detached in a irresistibly brooding manner but the moment he sees her he’s overwhelmed with attraction and memories of the prophecy that he found on a piece of paper under a bridge on the day her parents died.

He wants her but he can’t have her.

He’s too troubled by his dark past and the fact that her dad was his boss at the railway bridge architecture firm. A steamy tale with a heartwarming cameo from Delilah’s godfather Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who teaches the troubled pair that sometimes all you need to do to solve an ages old curse is build a bridge and have sex on it. [Nish whispers: Yes...]

 Dark Bridges of the Heart available now in all good online supernatural romance period thriller stores and airports. 

Alice: I’ve been in quarantine too long. [Nish laughs]